With a mutual passion for visual storytelling that ‘opens eyes’, starts dialogue, and ultimately ‘changes perspective’, Karin and Rob Schermbrucker launched Slingshot Media on Freedom Day in 2007.

They have dedicated their lives to travel the globe – to capture and tell stories of hope and inspiration that serve communities and clients- celebrating a freedom that is every persons promise and right.

They are a nimble, family run production company with a trusted network of experienced practioners and storytellers, across the various mediums of photography, film and motion graphics. This collaborative platform allows them to respond quickly and effectively around the country and continent.

Their battle cry, “All things are possible!” has echoed in many challenging situations and across many nations. They continue to use visual media (stills and video) to start dialogue believing that it is this dialogue that triggers action and will ultimately bring change to a crisis or given situation.

“All men dream dreams, but not equally. Those who dream in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity. But dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes to make it possible…”




Karin Schermbrucker spends most of her time traveling the African continent,  committed to take photographs that change people’s perspectives and open eyes.

After many years she remains passionate about taking pictures that reflect something bigger than herself. “I see my camera as a bridge, which has the capacity to cross the divide that sometimes exists between people of different cultures, classes, languages and beliefs and I have had my eyes opened in the process…”

Her long unpronounceable surname is frequently seen next to her photos across many publications including Wild Travel Magazine, Getaway, Bicycling, Runner’s World, and Ride. She has put her gear and body on the line as the photographer on the Cape Epic Mountain Bike Race, The PnP Argus Cycle tour, the Two Oceans and many multi stage races.

In 2006, Karin published the book Miles Ahead, which was both locally and internationally distributed, and told the photographic journey of  Barclays/UNICEF community development projects through Africa and Europe. She was also one of the main photographing contributors to “The Guts and the Glory” – a book documenting the Cape Epic from its beginning.

In 2010 she won a photographic Merit Award in the SAB Environmental Media Awards for a Game Capture story she shot for Wild magazine.

In 2009, she set up Photography for Change as a platform that uses photography to help children in challenging circumstances to realize once again who they are and what they are capable of. “Giving a child a camera, is like giving an explorer a compass, who knows what lands they will discover!”



Rob is a husband, father and storyteller.

Since 2003, he has had the opportunity of traveling to many parts of the world- asking questions, sharing life and learning to respectfully share the stories of those he meets.

Privileged to work with many diverse organizations and individuals that are helping to serve and transform communities around the globe, he continues to believe that visual media has the power to start dialogue and potentially change the world.

To the question, “How do you eat an elephant?” his favorite suggestion has always been, “Invite your friends to the feast” so with the collaborative nature of filmmaking these days, he has thrived on working with talented, passionate people around the world.